Today is my birthday πŸŽ† I am now 18. I can legally buy alcohol and fireworks.
It’s wierd, I don’t feel 18 but that could be because I act like a child πŸ˜‚. If you don’t believe me well the other day me and my friend fought over a temporary tattoo that came in a box of those candy sticks.

I decided to post now because I’m the only person awake right now and later on tonight I’m having a fancy dress party so I’m gonna be busy all day. I’m so excited to see everyones costume! I’m going to be Minnie Mouse, I’ll be taking lot of pictures and I will post them soon. Hopefully I won’t get a hangover, I don’t want my Dad to have to carry me home drunk in fancy dress like he did at my sister’s 18th πŸ˜‚, the best part about that was he was dressed as the Hulk.

Em xxx


Fun in Art

One of my favourite things about art is creating a drawing with such detail and trying to make it perfect like this, my voldermort drawing I did today.


And adding something to make is crazy and funny like this





Now i have a pretty unique bookmark, i got a few funny looks and a few laughs from it but I’m happy with him.

I was going to give him a turtleneck and make him a 80’s cop show detective with a side kick with no neck, but i went with the ol’ ❀ snakes jumper instead, maybe next time πŸ˜‰
I believe anyone can draw! This is when people go no i can’t I only draw stickman well sorry to break it to you but that’s drawing my friend.😁
By the way if any of you have snapchat add me: popeyem

Have fun guys
Em xxx

A Fountain of Fandoms

I myself belong to a large collection of Fandoms.

One of my favorite fandoms is The Maze runner fandom, I’m a huge fan of both the Books and the films. Although he is seen as a grumpy and evil character I love Gally. Gally is hilarious! Minho is also a great character, I tend to favor the snarky, sarcastic types. If you haven’t read the books I really recommend them personally as a person that finds reading for fun to be kind of difficult IΒ couldn’t put it down .

Right now (literally lol) I am re-watching all 7 seasons of Buffy the vampire slayer, whats not to like a bad-ass girl fighting daemons all whiles still looking amazing. The original twilight with out the glittery vampires. Buffy has two hot real vampires.

I really like a lot of fandoms and actually want to get into more heres a list of a few I’m in:

  • The Maze Runner
  • Buffy the vampire slayer
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel
  • Percy Jackson
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Ao no exorcist
  • Fall Out Boy!
  • and so many more

The best bit about fandoms is introducing friends to them and getting them hooked or meeting some new who is in the same fandom as you or seeing someone with a T-shirt with a quote of reference to a show or franchise and being like ;cap.gif

If anyone has any suggestions for bands, TV shows, movies, books anything i should look at go ahead. I’ll leave you with this Gif that perfectly sums up showing people your fandom


see ya later guys I’m off to watch Buffy πŸ˜‰

Em xxx


Words are wierd 😛

This time last year I was diagnosed with dyslexia. When my mum first suggested to me that I could be dyslexic I got angry and cried. It turns out my mum had been asking my teacher’s since primary school whether they thought I was dyslexic and what we can do to get help. There replys were things like “no i think she’s just lazy”  or “she just needs to learn to concentrate in class and stop looking out the window.” My Mum then had arguments with that teacher.
For 17 I have been told I’m lazy and don’t concentrate, I have sat in the back of the class telling myself I’m stupid, being to afraid to put my hand up to ask questions due to a mixture of being wrong and the embarrassments that goes with it.
The things that are mostly affected by it are my reading and writing speed, my spelling and I also get some letters mixed up, so when doing tasks in class and everyone is finished I am only half way through.
On my first day at college (high school for Americans) we all did a test about reading and writing speed and ability, I then got diagnosed and now Im happy to say I’m not stupid I just learn and think in a different way. I still get angry when I spell something wrong, and even when I write this blog I usually get someone to check the spelling is ok and use predictive text.
The thing that annoys me the most is the fact that no one did anything to help me, having to wait 17 years to be told, oh yeah you have a learning disability and with the proper help you would have done so much better in your exams. Kind of frustrating in not going to lie.
If any of you have dyslexia or any learning disability or trouble at school, don’t think about it as a bad thing it can also be your super power, where you might lack in something like spelling youake up else where, maybe art. If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here cause I know it’s tough but your going to do great.


See you soon love Em xxx


My WIFI decided that last night was the perfect time to give up on me so just as I went to write a new post I couldn’t 😒 typical.

I woke up way too early for a weekend but it was worth it, we had to make sure we got to Chester on time. The reason being I had a university interview. It went really well I liked it a lot but I have a couple more interviews before I have to decide on a place. I’m excited for university but I am gonna miss all my friends. At the end of college (high school if your American;)) we are all going to go on a camping trip to celebrate the end of college and make some more great memories before we all go to our uni’s. I know I talk about them a lot but they’re honest some of the most important people in my life and I love them so much😂😘.

After my interview we went into the town centre, I was wearing these smart dolly shoes that have a grass pattern on that had started rubbing when I looked down at my foot it had a massive cut and was bleeding. I went into TKMax looking for a pair of shoes and found some of the most beautiful pair of timberlands for Β£40 so I treated myself .


I’d say it was a very successful day even if I did come out of it with a few cuts and scrapes.

I want to wish everyone good luck with their university interviews/choices or exams or just school in general. Your going to go great I believe in you!


(Credit to gif keyboard)

Love Em xxx

The case of the mysterious pizza

When I heard a knock at the door I stumbled over trying my best to keep my balance this is something I’m not very good at normally but being this tired did not help. When I opened the door I did not expect to see a Domino’sΒ  Pizza delivery man standing outside. He asked if it was the correct address and it was so I took the pizza and told him I hadn’t ordered it but I would go and get him some money. The man then told me that the pizza was already paid for and asked if I still wanted it. I took the pizza and thought who could have ordered me this pizza. I had gotten a small piece of paper through the door saying happy early birthday (it’s my birthday next week). I went to my mind palace where I thought to ask all my friends if they knew who this mysterious pizza was from, one of my Friends that I like to call Cdawg told me it was a little early birthday present from him and the rest of the ‘squad’ πŸ˜‚.
I spent so long worried that I had taken someones order by accident or that someone had spent so much money on me. The case was cracked. Now I’m bored waiting for my next case.

The moral of the story is pizza rocks!

Em xxx

Child’s play

Sorry I’m posting so late, it’s been a hectic day I had babysitting from 6:30-10:30. I’m now sat in bed listening to The Lonely Island at around midnight.

So my friend J was saying how when he was younger he thought that if horses layed down that they would die. To be fair I’m pretty sure horses sleep stood up so I can understand why he would have thought that but he thought that these horses were forced to spend their entire life stood up otherwise they would die. This then got me thinking about all the weird thing we thought and believed when we were little. When I was younger my older sister told my that if you left the lid of the toilet up that frogs would crawl out of it at night, I was scared of frogs and she knew it so everytime I walked past the bathroom I had to check for frogs. My sister caused me to have an irrational fear of toilet climbing frogs. I know a lot of people who use to be scared of staying in the bath while you drain the water out and being sucked in and swallowed by the plug hole or that a shark would come up it and eat you. Fears that make no sense at all but filled us with fright. I look back and laugh at how ridiculous we all were.

Did anyone else have any strage fears or weird thought when they were a kid?

Now I think it’s time for bed, just after I check the toilet seat lid is down ;).

Night everybody, stay safe from toilet frogs. love Em xxx