Teenage Blogger Central 


So i just registered with this amazing site called Teenage Blogger Central. The side has links to some amazing blogs all about lots of different things. Teenage Blogger Central is actually what made me start my blog i used it to find other bloggers and it gave me confidence to actually go out and do it . The site is a community for bloggers aged 13-20 so it is people around the same age as me.  if you want to find some new blogs its a perfect place they have so many types of blog from personal like mine to DIY. LGBT, Travel, you names it they’ve got it. I think a really good thing about the site is as its by people our age they understand what were going though and many of them give advice and tips for most problems people face. I started to follow some bloggers on the site and all of them have been so sweet and their posts are amazing so go check it out i have added a link below, i saw the sunflower and had to have it because they are my favorite flowers. OK guys see you later    Emxxx

Teen Blogger Directory


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