Movies Marathons and Milkshake Mania

I decided to have a 80’s movie marathon. Basically I’m binge watching cheesy 80’s flicks. So far I’ve watched Wierd Science, Sixteen Candles and one of my all time favourite film The Breakfast Club. This is the bit where it cuts to Emma stone talking about how she wishes her life was like an 80’s movie.
If you haven’t seen The Breakfast Club, watch it! It shows what happens when kids from different cliques and background are brought together for detention. I know it sounds so cliché right now but seriously it’s a great film.

For a movie marathon you have to prepare the right necessities, pizza, chocolate, but most of all Milkshakes.
I have never made a milkshake before today but I can tell you it’s definitely won’t be the last either.
I had a kinder Bueno milkshake and if you don’t know what a kinder Bueno is then you are seriously missing out. It’s like a wafery shell of goodness that has a beautiful creamy hazelnut centre, my mouths watering just thinking about it.
To make my milkshake just brake up a couple of Buenos, put them in a blender with some vanilla ice cream and some milk and bamb your sexy shake is ready.
I’m not sure what chocolate bar I’ll try next time but that one was lush😍

By for now
Em xxx


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