So the other day a friend of mine said something that really upset me. Recently he’s been quite grumpy with my friends and it’s upsetting people. We were playing some games where someone has to ask you all the questions on a card, a trivia game. When I went to pick up the card to ask him the questions he turned around and said ‘no not you, you can’t read.’ I don’t know if he ment It as a joke but by his tone he was serious. Not only did it upset me but he embarrassed me infront of my friends and people I didn’t know. My friends said I should talk to him about it but I feel like it will just cause more drama and it will end up with me as the bad guy. I tried to drop some hint by putting some dyslexic stuff on Facebook and in are group chat but he wasn’t interested. I just annoys me because I can read and he is making me feel stupid. I’m not really sure what to do to be honest. Oh well.


Thanks for reading
Love Em xxx


3 thoughts on “I CAN BLOODY READ!

  1. I found your blog when I googled teenage blogger central and I am a blogger user but your blog is so funny and fun to read that I had to leave you a comment on how great your writing is. It’s so enjoyable to read!

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