Sporty sporty sports sports


I’m not the healthiest person in the world, literally I’m so lazy. I think the only time I’ve ever run was probably for an ice cream van 😂. But for some crazy reason I decided that I’m going to start doing more exercise and eating better, yeah I don’t know why either. I went for a 3mile walk which was great I think I probably burn off all the calories of the giant caramel frappuccino I drank whiles I did it, which I’m now addicted to btw. Like most hobbies I will probably give this up in less then a month. I laughed so hard when someone added me to a group on Pinterest that was all about fitness, I don’t know if they’ve seen my boards but it’s mostly geek stuff and food. Somehow me pinning one picture of a pair of nice trainers qualified me to join a fitness board. I’m such a bad person because when this happened the first thought in my head was; LETS PIN PICTURES OF PIZZA ON THERE! I’m not sure how well that would have gone down. The aim of my new ‘healthy thingamajig’ is to get into good shape. Me and my friends really want to join a gym but they are so expensive around here so we have come up with our own make shift gym, we all have different exercises equipment so we are going to put it all in someone’s back garden, the second option is we  sit in Sainsbury’s car park on exercise bikes and throw fruit at people coming out the shops, we might get arrested for that πŸ˜• oh well it think it’s worth it.

Okay gotta run (ahaha 😂😂 yes I really just said that, and yes I did laugh out loud at my own joke) who am i kidding we all know I don’t run. (oh by the way these gifts aren’t mine I got them from Google so credit to those who made them;))


See you soon
Em xxx