My Cartoon

As you may or may not already know I study Art at collage, but recently we have been given our new project and this is my big final project before I finish and set out for university and lets not forget the holidays, for this final project we get to do anything we want, our imagination is set free. For my work I’m creating a cartoon show for a kids/teens channel, when i researched cartoons I found most of the main characters/ hero types where all guys I only found one or two that had female characters for leads. This is why i have decided to to make my lead a strong female character who saves the guy and makes awful puns,  I’m thinking about giving her a brother because when i asked people what they liked in cartoons a few of them said family relations.

I know we have a lot of Disney movies about females sticking together and doing thing were told we cant do but do them anyway but there are hardly any cartoon show showing right now. I’m not about to burn some bras and go on about hard core feminism i just think that a show like thins would bring so many more girls to channels like cartoon network.

But the best part about it all is that i get to create character designs and storyboards I’m so excited  to get going properly once i have i’ll post pictures.

So whats you favorite cartoon?

Mine is definitely gravity falls or bobs burgers they are just so funny and Louise is my life lol.


see you soon

Em xxx


Read like me

My friend just sent me this link and asked me if this was true, if this is really what it is like to be dyslexic.
I think this is an amazing site, not many people realise what its like to have dyslexia and it shocked my friends when they found out this is the kind of thing I see.
What do you think of this site?

Also Happy International Women’s Day!


No matter your size, hight, skin colour, anything your perfect. I love you all.
I’ll be back soon I promise I’ll try to right more 😘
Em xxx

Time travel

Today I watch a brilliant film called ‘Midnight in Paris’ it was about a man who travelled back in time every night at midnight and would find himself talking to famous writers and artists of the 1920’s as this was the time he loved most because it gave us amazing writers such as F.Scotts Fitzgerald who In the film is played by great actor Tom Hiddleston. The time you travel to is the one you love most and this made me wonder where I would travel to if I was able to travel back in time for an evening. When I was younger I loved the ancient egyptians but I think if I travelled back then, they might try and mummify me which I’d rather not be right now, I think if I could go back in time I’d go to the fifties or the sixties, I could meet great musicians like Elvis and the Beatles and dance is proper dancing clubs. I’d love to see my grandparents when they were younger dancing together. The times of joy and new comings for Britain, everything was so bright and colourful it would be beautiful. I think it’s really interesting because everyone has a different time that they’d like to see, in the film he is in the 20’s with a young lady who loves the late 1800 the start of impressionism in Paris and they travel there. I loved the film my only problem was the ending cause it felt a bit rushed.
Q. If you could travel back in time where would you go?

Em xxx

Teenage Blogger Central 


So i just registered with this amazing site called Teenage Blogger Central. The side has links to some amazing blogs all about lots of different things. Teenage Blogger Central is actually what made me start my blog i used it to find other bloggers and it gave me confidence to actually go out and do it . The site is a community for bloggers aged 13-20 so it is people around the same age as me.  if you want to find some new blogs its a perfect place they have so many types of blog from personal like mine to DIY. LGBT, Travel, you names it they’ve got it. I think a really good thing about the site is as its by people our age they understand what were going though and many of them give advice and tips for most problems people face. I started to follow some bloggers on the site and all of them have been so sweet and their posts are amazing so go check it out i have added a link below, i saw the sunflower and had to have it because they are my favorite flowers. OK guys see you later    Emxxx

Teen Blogger Directory


I just got back from one of the best films ever, Deadpool.
I’m already a sucker fir a marvel film but this was brilliant, It had everything, Action, comedy, romance everything!
I spent most of the film in tears laughing it’s so good and they make so many references to Xmen and Hugh jackman. If you haven’t seen it yet I really recommend it.
There are so many great looking films coming out this year my bank account is really going to hate me.

So yesterday was valentines day and I hope everyone had a great day wether that was with someone special or with friends and family. I spent the evening watching the BAFTA’s playing cards against humanity and drinking 😉
However you spent your day I hope it was great love all you guys


And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

At my college we are sending little heart shaped cookies to people as valentines during their class, we’ve done things like this before like at Christmas we sent candycanes.
Me and my best friend had both decided to send each other a cookie unknowingly, it all seemed like a great idea at the time but when a boy dressed in a giant heart costume came into the middle of my class with only one cookie which had to be for me, well my face went as red as his costume. Everyone turned to look at me to find out who it was from, out of the corner of my eye I could see my best friend in the next class room crying with laughter, she can laugh for now because in her next class she’ll be getting an embarrassing guy dressed as a heart shouting her name out.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed, we’ll maybe that time I stood on my skirt and it fell down in the middle of my year two play.

If I don’t post before had I hope you have a lovely valentines day wether your in a relationship or not. I am yet again single this valentines day so me and all my friends will probably do something together maybe watch the new Deadpool movie, who knows?

Em xxx

Go Go Joe

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while guys a lot of dramas been going on and I just needed to chill for a while but here I am so let’s get on with it.

Tonight was Amazing! I went to see one of my favourite musicals Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Joseph was being played by Xfactor winner Joe Mcceldry, and he was absolutely great, his voice is beautiful and clear. The whole cast was brilliant and the costuming and stage set up was fantastic. Our seats were near the back but we still were able to see and had a great time. I’m a huge fan of musicals, if you haven’t seen Joseph before I really recommend it there is a good dvd version with actors like Donny Osmand and Richard Attenborough.

I think the next musical I want to see is Chicago, I love the film and the music it’s all just great. I promise to try and write more😘

Em xxx