Crazy Antics


I have one of the craziest but loveliest best friends in the world, she’s great and she’s also hilarious. Today after college we went into town with two of our other best friends and our first stop was obiously KFC. she was sat staring out of the window eating her chicken and she asked “what’s above that shop?.” Above the shop were dark, dusty windows so we just said that we don’t know. “We should break in and find out” well that was not the response we expected. we all burst out laughing. we then began our plan for our Fake break in, we went through every idea from undercover employees to Mission Impossible style helicopter drops. we had it all set out. Mission Impossible it is, usuing spy gear like hacking, glass cutters, spy goggles and towels yes towels. Her plan: if we wrap the alarm in enough towels no one would hear it. We would then break in just to find out what is inside, which is probably just boxes.

Then the next plan began. My best friend has a love for animals but she really loves orcas. Reacently, she went to sea world in florida and now she wants to ‘rescue’ them this time with disguises. Now when I say disguises I don’t mean as a keeper or a worker she wanted us to dress up as Orcas! by now I am in fits of laughter.
“Ok but how are we going to get them out?” I asked “I’ll get my Nan to fly us in a helicopter, She’s only had one flying lesson but its alright” Now I’m crying “So your Nan is going to fly us in a helicopter to Florida, then we’ll drop into the water in our orca costumes and get them to swin into these cages so your nan can fly them to the ocean where we can set them free?.”
“Yes and I’ll get my Grandad to run around naked!”
“what? why?”
“it’s a distraction”
“but it will be night time no one will be there”
“ooh yeah, oh well.”
She’s crazy but to be fair so am I, I love her to pieces . We’re more than ikely to have more gems like these from my crazy bunch of friends (i love you guys).

Hope you enjoyed it .See you soon
Em xxx





They say first impressions are everything, so lets hope this goes OK.

Hi there I’m em, I’ve never had a blog before other than my Tumblr but that’s more of a ‘ooh look a funny cat pic, lets re-blog that!’ kind of thing . This blog is going to be a bit random, I will talk about random things that I think of, review things, post interesting things about my day, pretty much everything.  (I’m Dyslexic so if I make spelling mistakes I apologize)

You may be wondering why the name Pope and Glory, well I was struggling to come up with a name for my blog so I asked my best friend and we started to brainstorm puns that included my surname, Pope . I then got the idea of Pope and Glory as a play on words for Hope and Glory, an iconic British song and I am British so long story short (too late) here I am Pope and Glory!